As Winter Approaches, Local Media Reacts

A recent article in The Transcript covers the increasing worries felt by the community as winter approaches. The forecast for Williamstown predicts snow in the near future, a reminder of the challenges to come and the need to act quickly.

With the cold weather coming, Inspection Services is moving as quickly as it can and will try to do whatever it can to respond to applications and calls from Spruces residents so they know where they stand, Card said.

“A lot of it is in the hands of the residents. They’re still in control of their own destinies for now,” he said.

So far, 41 homes have been approved for occupancy, and there are potentially 15 or 16 more seeking approval, Card said. Of those potential approvals, one includes flood-proofing the structure by raising it, he said. In addition, demolition permits have been issued for 10 houses.

The Williamstown website also just released the Oct 21, 2011 updated maps of the Spruces damage, which you can view here (pdf).


New Beginnings

In October 2011, several community members throughout the interfaith community and beyond in Williamstown, MA came together to start Higher Ground.

This web site will be a source of information on the efforts of Higher Ground, the campaign for affordable housing, and disaster preparedness in the Northern Berkshires.