Robin’s News Update I

The following is a news update from Higher Ground Coordinator and case-working-extraordinaire Robin Lenz:

Coordinator Robin Lenz, Case Manager Susan Puddester and town resident Cheryl Shanks, representing Williamstown’s Committee on Affordable Housing, spoke to members of the First Congregational Church last week about the ongoing recovery difficulties for former Spruces residents as well as the issue of affordable housing in general in our area.  They are available to speak to any local faith community that would like to hear them.
Higher Ground’s Board of Directors meets weekly: it has established officers, developed seven working subcommittees, and received an EIN number.  Higher Ground has received funding from one national denomination, and has applied for two more grants.
Support groups for survivors from the storm, through the Riverside Trauma Center, will begin next week.
FEMA representatives Dick Balnicky and Susan Mills are located in Town Hall and will continue to aid our community. The emergency office on Main Street has closed.
Representatives of Higher Ground attend the Committee on Affordable Housing meetings, which are generally every Tuesday, 7 p.m., in Town Hall and are developing a working partnership to aid their mission.
We are proud of the tremendous amount of cooperation and collaboration we are seeing among everyone involved, and look forward to continuing the important work of helping each other.

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