The Spruces and Higher Ground in the Boston Globe

It has been a big day for Higher Ground in the news. Today an article appeared in the Boston Globe detailing the difficulties and frustrations the Sprucians have been feeling since Tropical Storm Irene hit Williamstown. From the article:

Flooding from the adjacent Hoosic River scattered the residents, mostly people over 55 and on low incomes, throughout the region – to apartments they cannot afford, to the homes of relatives, or to motels where they pay the bill with what is left of federal disaster checks.

“It’s been hell, that’s what it’s been,’’ said Arthur Smith, 82, who lost the trailer he shared with his wife, plus another he had bought for his sister.

It has also been a continuing primer in emergency response for a bucolic college town of 6,000 full-time residents. Indeed, the park owner’s attorney said he believes that no other mobile home site in Massachusetts has ever been hit as hard.

In all, 158 of 225 trailers have been condemned. To compound the pain, scarce resources to help the displaced have all but dried up.