About Higher Ground

Higher Ground is an incorporated non-profit operating in the Williamstown, MA area. Created in response to the damage of Hurricane Irene, the interfaith organization intends to deal with both the immediate disaster replacement housing needs. Currently, the board of Higher Ground includes:

  • Bilal Ansari
  • Carrie Bail
  • Penny Devereux
  • Van Ellet
  • Peter Elvin
  • Mark Lincourt
  • John Law
  • Tom Pfieffer
  • Margaret Ware
  • Catherine Yamamoto
  • Carol Zingarelli
  • Brian O’Grady
  • Gail Burns
  • Harry Montgomery
  • Ron Turbin


  • James Kolesar
  • Brian O’Grady
  • Thomas Sheldon
  • Stephen Pagnotta


  • Robin Lenz, Coordinator
  • Susan Puddester, Case Management Supervisor


  • Ginny Sheldon
  • Dolores Lovegreen
  • Samantha Murray

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