Help from Higher Ground

Your friends at Higher Ground and in the wider community of Williamstown hope to be of as much help as we can be in the effort to make sure you are in healthy, safe shelter this winter. We recognize that you all have faced a wide range of very complex issues in the wake of the storm, complicated by the fact that the owner of the land has not made their intentions known in a timely fashion. We acknowledge that each and every resident has a unique set of circumstances in resolving their residential problems and that the dignity of each individual life may require a multitude of solutions.

We will continue to provide to storm services advice and counseling to help you take stock of your situation: what resources are available to you, what obstacles you face, some options for how you might respond.  About a dozen community volunteers have been trained to help you figure out what to do next.  You may request such counseling from the Higher Ground office or, in some cases, you may be referred to us and we’ll be in touch with you.

Higher Ground is now incorporated as a non-profit helping agency, and it is OUR goal to ensure that you are having your basic needs met (food, shelter, clothing) until you are able to settle into a new or restored life. At the same, we intend to push our community to develop additional low-cost housing as quickly as possible.

We hope some of this updated information may assist in your decision making, and our caseworkers will seek answers to the questions raised during your discussion. They may help you decide if you need to follow up with FEMA or with the Berkshire Regional Housing Authority in seeking alternative housing.

From Higher Ground member and caseworker Robin Lenz

For information about what’s going on right now, see Fast Facts.


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